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April 11, 2023

The marketing industry now has access to data-backed proof that radio advertising works.

Rolled out in 2022, Validate audio attribution is an innovative new platform that answers the longstanding question of just how effective radio is for its customers.

For advertisers who choose to participate, Validate can also measure how much traffic to their website comes from people who hear their ads through a station’s livestream. This data is then applied to listeners tuning in via traditional radio to provide insights into the behaviour of the audience as a whole.

Streaming listeners help us understand the bigger, total radio audience

This technology gives radio its fair share of the credit. It also positions stations to compete for advertising dollars by proving its return on investment through analytics, a tool that before Validate belonged only to digital ad platforms.

The Validate dashboard shows impressions, conversions, and other insights. This information not only lets marketers see how well their radio advertising is working, but also provides the opportunity to fine tune their campaign and optimize its performance.

Pattison Media developed the software, and partnered with Momentum Media to bring it to market. The addition of this independent third party assures clients that their data is safeguarded and also removes any conflict of interest.

Demonstrating radio’s effectiveness has always been an industry-wide challenge, and Validate is meant to be a solution available to the entire industry.

In an interview with Broadcast Dialogue, Pattison Media CEO Rod Schween explained that Validate is designed to be a win for radio as well as for advertisers. From the big agencies to the small sole-proprietor businesses, everyone wants to get the most out of their marketing dollars. Validate helps show that radio continues to be an effective way to reach customers.

We know radio delivers, but we want our clients to know it too. Visit the Validate website to learn more about how Validate works , or contact our team directly for a one-on-one presentation.

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