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Unlike other sites, we understand local news better than most, because like you, we live and work here too.

Whether it’s breaking news, highway closures, election coverage or local athletes making it in the big leagues, readers in our markets turn to our digital news sites for the information they need.

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Hyper local news and so much more!

With years of experience living and working in the communities we serve, our team is passionate about reporting the news that matters to you. From breaking stories, to traffic updates, community events, sports, weather, classifieds and more – you won’t find a more complete local news source anywhere.

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The power of digital supported by Pattison Media Radio and TV stations.

The partnership with our market leaving radio and TV stations allows us to reach a large audience and report the news as it happens. Many of our newsrooms are the largest and have the most experienced journalists in their market.

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Innovative ad technology

Using the latest display ad technology like HTML5 Flex ads. A fluid creative design with engaging, rich media, embed video, slideshows, separate call to action buttons to make an IMPACT. Full ad design is included with every campaign.


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