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Radio unites our local communities - big and small, as it brings us together in a very intimate way. We trust it for information and entertainment, such as where to take the kids this weekend or to simply turn it up and enjoy our favorite songs.

Our Radio stations unite audiences around common interests and social and community values. Listeners in the communities we serve rely on our local hosts for news and information, music they love, plus conversation and companionship.

clay and karen

Engaging Audiences

Radio is a two way conversation between our hosts and our listeners. Our brands and the hosts that make those brands come alive have conversations with listeners on the air every day via multiple platforms including live calls, texts and on social. PML continues to pioneer high engagement radio via the #1 rated Join the Conversation format in markets such as Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver. See and hear all of our brands from Vancouver to Red Deer to Prince Albert and many markets in between.

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We’re committed to providing local news in all of our communities. We believe in local radio news rooms that provide information important in our local communities whether that’s news that happens down the street or around the world and how that affects where we live. We deliver news on the air as well as on-line portals that are hyper focussed locally.

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Commitment to Growth

Our excellent programming staff are innovative and driven to deliver entertaining and informative radio daily. They’re also committed to growing our programmers of the future through the PML PD Mentor Program. This program facilitates weekly learning sessions for the next generation of programmers. People development is what makes us a Wildly Talented Team.


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