Winnipeg Is Getting a Brand New Radio Station! 94.3 Now!Radio

October 18, 2021

November 10, 2021

For Immediate Release: October 18,2021

Winnipeg is getting a brand, new radio station!

But not just more of the same-old,same-old.

We are 94.3 NOW! Radio, where our on-air hosts and our listeners are at the very center of everything. We call that “The NOW! Family”. And because our Hosts have no rules…they might just talk about anything at any time, and for as long as they (and you)want. So, join the conversation!

Mornings – Luca and Alyssa
Mid-Day – Marika
Afternoon Drive – Zap
Evenings/Weekends – Chris and Kalie

We always do our best to make sure there is nothing fake on 94.3 NOW! Radio and nothing false. Just relatable, honest and real. And you can say anything back to us, too, because after all…that’s what families do! So, let’s connect!

Yes, 94.3 NOW! Radio will play music, but not just one kind. We’ll play all kinds of music, old and new. It’s kind of like we just plugged our device right into the radio! Your favourite tunes, all in one spot as you’re tuning in or streaming us…so you don’t have to change!

Our hosts are free to play whatever they want, so expect lots of surprises….We call these NOW Wows!  Plus, we give you as much music and conversation as we can…..That’s the 94.3 NOW! Radio Promise.

We’re super pumped about 94.3 NOW! Radio being in Winnipeg! We hope you’ll be a part of the NOW! Family, and join the conversation with us!

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