Unwrapping the right call to action for holiday campaigns

September 11, 2023

January 19, 2024

For many businesses, the November-December holiday season is a crucial time of year. For every shopper eager to spend, there’s even more competition fighting for that shopper’s attention and dollars.

Your advertising needs to do more than stand out. It also needs a compelling call to action that resonates with your target customer and persuades them to act.

While marketing plans span a minimum of several months, holiday campaigns are short-term and designed to deliver immediate results. There are many elements that can drive this, but none is more important than the call to action. Here are some tips on how to nail it.

  • Consider what your potential customer is looking for, and write the CTA with their perspective in mind.
  • Highlight the benefit of acting quickly. This might be price, limited supply, or convenience. Again, consider what is most important to your target customer.
  • Be clear and be brief. Even if the body of your ad uses clever turns of phrase or fun Christmas-themed language, the actual call to action needs to be crystal clear.
  • Ensure your CTA really is what you want them to do. Even if “Call for details” works the rest of the year, it’s likely not a great choice when your staff is busy with holiday shoppers.

Digital ads come with other opportunities. A contrasting colour for your CTA button, its place within the ad, and A/B testing are all chances to strengthen the power of your call to action. Connect with our team at Nimble Digital for expert advice on taking advantage of metrics and optimization.

Finally, be ready with the follow through. When customers respond to your CTA, they should find what they expect to. Delivering on a promise makes for a happy customer and reinforces trust in your brand – and disappointing people does the opposite. Highlight what makes your product or service a star for your target market, and use a call to action they can’t resist.

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