The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group rebrands as Pattison Media Ltd. and launches ‘AMPLIFY Canada – Think Local’, Business Revitalization Program

April 7, 2021

January 19, 2024

Kamloops, BC – After more than 20 years of operating under the name of The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, JPBG announced today that the company will be reorganizing under the new name of Pattison Media Ltd. effective May 1st, 2021. In celebration, Pattison Media launches its initial media campaign, ‘AMPLIFY Canada’ in support of local business.

“We are excited today to announce that our company is taking the next step in progressing from a broadcast company into a multi-platform media organization. As such, going forward, we will be known as Pattison Media”, President Rod Schween, stated.  “This new Corporate brand symbolizes our commitment to nimbly navigate the new media and broadcasting landscape that we find ourselves in.”

Our revised logo features 3 J’s in honour of our owner, Jimmy Pattison, which come together to symbolize the 3 components of media that form the foundation of our organization – audio, video, and digital.  The subtle ‘play button’ in the middle of the new mark is also a universal symbol of moving forward, which we wholeheartedly embrace as we prepare our organization for post-COVID times.

Schween added; “Over the past 8 years, we have been growing, preparing, and reorganizing Pattison Media for the next evolution for our company. Our vision has always been that we need to grow beyond existing audio and video delivery platforms. The organization has, and will continue to have, a strong foundation in audio and video, but ultimately, we are a local content company, and that truly is what is at our core. Radio and television will be in our DNA for a long time to come, but especially since the arrival of the COVID pandemic, we have seen an acceleration of the changes in consumer habits, and therefore are committed to embracing and accelerating our involvement in new platforms.”

JPBG has had a long history of supporting the communities in which it operates. As the first initiative under the new corporate brand, Pattison Media will be recognizing the lifeblood of the Canadian and local economy. “As part of the rebrand, we are pleased to announce a $16 million campaign to support local business in Canada, highlighting its importance in our communities, the Canadian economy, and the future of our organization.” President Schween continued, “I was fortunate to grow up in a local small business and without that experience, I doubt I would have the opportunities that I have been so fortunate to have experienced over my career. Local business is the cornerstone of the Canadian economy and the heartbeat of our country. We are very excited to give back to the organizations, the people, and the businesses that make our communities and country the great place it is to live.”

The AMPLIFY Canada Campaign will bring an injection of support in markets across Canada where Pattison Media operates. With 48 radio stations, 3 TV stations 17 News portals, the program is initially targeted for 28 “home” markets and 8 “adjacent” markets across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, where Pattison Media serves approx. 22% of the Canadian population.

AMPLIFY Canada is a 12-month initiative, launching on all Pattison platforms on Canada Day, July 1st, 2021, which will highlight the stories of local businesses, community groups, and individuals who have amplified our communities. Those that have flourished, those that have recreated themselves and even those that might need our help to continue serving our markets. This support will come in the form of PSA campaigns, news stories, business profiles, contesting, on-air announcements, website and social media campaigns, and podcasts which will encourage us all to “Think Local” first. A minimum of 36 markets serviced by Pattison Media will also have their own locally branded ‘AMPLIFY’websites developed and designed by our digital agency partner, Lift Interactive, in Edmonton.

In addition, through an exclusive partnership with Everything Podcasts, Pattison Media will compile the best and most inspiring stories from across the country and further bring them to life on the AMPLIFY Canada podcast. Each monthly podcast episode will also be promoted on Pattison Media’s radio and TV stations, news portals, and the 36 hyper-local ‘AMPLIFY Canada’ microsites.

‘AMPLIFY Canada’ will call on members of the public to nominate local businesses, non-profit groups, or individuals through Pattison Media websites. With each nomination, community members will be entered to win weekly and monthly prizes and will culminate with a grand prize (estimated valued at $10,000), in June 2022. Further details will be released in the coming weeks.

AMPLIFY business nominees will be profiled in their local market for 2 weeks by Pattison Media outlets.  Stories will focus on how these businesses have amplified their community, by making the community a better place to live, innovated within their business vertical, or even developed a new product or service. Businesses will not be required to invest any of their own funds to participate in this initiative.

Nominations will open on June 1st, 2021. AMPLIFY Canada business profiles will start on Pattison Media outlets on July 1st, 2021.

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Headquartered in Kamloops, B.C., Pattison Media Ltd., is the country’s largest, private, western-based media company. Spanning British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, their operations currently encompass 45 FM and 3 AM radio stations, 3 television stations and 17 online news portals in 28 different markets. Pattison Media Ltd. is a proud division of The Jim Pattison Group, a diversified group of operating businesses, based in Vancouver, which has grown to become the second largest privately held company in Canada. Please visit or for more information.

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