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November 9, 2021

January 19, 2024


November 9,2021

KELOWNA10- The Launch of a Brand-New Media Experience

The way we look at Kelowna will never be the same again.

The most exciting, dynamic, and cutting-edge media product Kelowna has ever seen has gone live.

It’s called Kelowna10.

This is what you’ve been waiting for: an app that is an uncluttered, easy-to-view destination on your smart phone that is filled with all things Kelowna.  With news that matters and stories that inspire, Kelowna10 utilizes easy-to-scroll short duration text-narrated video, coupled with web articles.

Kelowna10 brings a unique approach to local storytelling that is energetic, and unashamedly fun. Ten items will be viewable at any onetime.

“We think this is what Kelowna wants and deserves,” Content Director Glenn Hicks said. “This city is gorgeous, photogenic, diverse, and always on the move. Kelowna10 reflects that, bringing you a daily offering of trends, entertainment, and news.

There is simply nothing like the look and feel of Kelowna10. The app reflects how people consume local information online today versus 20 years ago when smartphones didn’t even exist. The online media in Kelowna currently super serves a desktop audience.

 “The Kelowna10 app is a first of its kind in local media and uses full screen vertical video” said Andrew Snook, Director of Digital for Pattison Media. “The Kelowna10 app lets users explore local video content by swiping down on big colorful cards. Dynamic preview videos help users discover what matters to them - whether it be a fresh take on the news, a top new restaurant, a local event, or the latest viral video. Kelowna10 is an innovative app that informs and entertains, in a fun, new way.”

The Kelowna10app is advertiser supported with short ads that stand out from anything being offered on other sites. The full screen display and short video ads jump out and the screen takes on the color scheme of the advertiser for enhanced brand integration. Only one advertiser is ever featured on the app at a time.

 “While some Kelowna sites strap the ads on later, are small or don’t show at all, Kelowna10was built with the advertiser in mind,” Kelowna10 Sales Manager Bryan Ford said. “It provides an outstanding advertising experience, unlike anything presently offered in Kelowna.”

Kelowna10 General Manager Karl Johnston added: “We understand the challenges faced by all in the last 20 months, and as we start to see a light at the end of the tunnel, we are celebrating Kelowna as a happening, modern community by focusing on more than the news, but also on stories about local people who make a difference.”

For More Information:

Karl Johnston, General Manager, Kelowna10    250.979.3351

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